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 » Body Mix Aero

Do you really want fun?

Body Mix Aero is about aerobic modality par excellence, applying all modern concepts, in Fitness’ style. This programme is used in Body Mix Light with the Aero Simple, Body Mix I and II with classic aerobic choreographies’, Aero Dance chilly choreographies’, Aero Salsa cheer choreographies, and Aero Hip-Hop modern choreographies.

Dare you… and come meet us in Body Mix I and II – where the sky is the limit.

Music is the main motivation element of our classes, produced by the present-day best DJ’s. There are basic steps that are going to be gradually introduced during the season (Body Mix Light and Body Mix I) and both creative and innovative choreographies for the advanced classes of Body Mix II.

Smash the routine…!

» There are decisions easy to make…
To practice Body Mix € 15 sign in € 30 Mensal Charge (2x/week)

At Bombeiros Voluntários de Moscavide na Portela

Participate in a free class Pick up your modality
B Mix 2x/week: 30
B Mix 3x/week: 33
B M Fit 2x/week: 32
Full Assignment: 40
Cycling&Cross+FA: 45
Mix 2x + Fit 1x 34
Fit 2x + Mix 1x 36
Sign it: 15
Insurance: 7
Bombeiros Voluntários de Moscavide na Portela
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Meet the modalities of Body Mix.
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 » Video Clips

Check out our video clips of Body Mix Flexi Bar (Body Mix Light), Body Mix Step (body Mix II) and Body Mix Aero (Body Mix I).

Check out more…

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 » Briefs

Body Mix is preparing the kick out of a new modality
It will be an activity absolutely ravishing and unique in the World sports universe for the Fitness area, it’s called Body Mix Power Stick.

Beauty Point
It has opened in the Commercial Center of Portela (1st floor), an aesthetics center with definitive depilation, solarium, nails’ treatment with gel etc. Body Mix practitioners benefit of a 10% discount.


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