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 » Como consumir muitas calorias ?

The Summer is coming. How do you loose that fat?

With the beach season coming, the aesthetic preoccupations naturally grow. Body Mix recommends a programme that, being integrally followed, will allow you to loose many calories till the summer.

Let us imagine the follow situation:
A Human Being of sex feminine with a weight of 60kg and 1m60cm of height.
 Typically this person needs a diary waste of food that have an energetic value of 1728kcal. This is a normal value of the normal waste of calories for a person with that weight with a regarded life and medially sedentary.
In the other hand we can verify that this person shows at least more 4kg than the recommended weight for her height.
A typical day of Portuguese alimentation:
 Breakfast: 1 glass of low-fat milk without - 68kcal 1 Cheese sandwich - 220kcal 1 coffee with sugar - 26kcal Middle Morning 1 peace of apple - pie - 296kcal

 Lunch 1 chicken hip with fries - 420kcal 1 coca cola - 78 kcal 1 chocolate mousse - 183kcal 1 coffee with sugar- 26kcal
Tea 1 bread with butter - 180kcal 1 low-fat yoghurt - 41kcal 1 coffee with sugar - 26kcal

 Dinner Fried Squids with vegetables rice - 300kcal 1 glass of vine - 65kcal 1 bowl of fruit salad - 172 kca

l Total of the ingestion of kcal in this day - 2101

 Analysis: The person of the example consumed more 371 kcal than necessary in that day and will tend even more to obtain weight. The question is the followed, how to consume diary the calories we don’t need? Or worse – how do you loose 4kg of weight?
 Are possible two solutions:
 1 Very straight diet
 2 Alimentary control with physic exercise
 For healthy matters in general (mental and physic), aesthetic, physic-motor control, combat to stress, the prevention of cardiovascular accidents, combat to hypertension and osteoporosis, but we are highly defenders of the 2nd solution – the alimentary control with physic exercise.
 As a curiosity we let you know that we have been supervising the waste of calories in Body Mix classes and we noticed the follow: Body Mix Light – waste of calories between 250 and 350 kcal par session; Body Mix I – waste of calories between 300 and 400 kcal par session; Body Mix Cycling & Cross – waste of calories between 500 and 700 kcal par session;
 Conclusion: With a specific programme of alimentary control and a specific practise of Body Mix according to you special case, it will make you loose weight – till your ideal weight – and its maintenance.
Subscribe a personalised programme: Price of the programme 25€ - exclusive for Body Mix practitioners.

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